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The Teatro dell'Opera di Roma is the Roman theater dedicated to the theatrical opera in music and to ballet ; it is also known as Teatro Costanzi, from the name of its creator, Domenico Costanzi .
The Rome Wax Museum was founded in 1958 by Fernando Canini, inspired by similar museums in London and Paris. The collection is the first in Italy and the third in Europe for the number of characters collected. It is located in Piazza dei Santi Apostoli 67, near Piazza Venezia.

Vatican City, a city-state in central Rome, Italy, is the heart of the Roman Catholic Church. In addition to being the seat of the Pope

The Capitoline Museums are the main municipal civic museum of Rome, part of the "System of museums in common" with an exhibition area of 12,977 m²

The Quirinal Stables are a palace in Rome. Located in front of the Quirinal Palace, also owned by the Presidency of the Republic, they are home to exhibitions and cultural events

The Bioparco of Rome is the oldest zoological garden in Italy. It currently houses 1144 animals of 223 different species. It is located inside the Villa Borghese. In 2008 it was visited by 780,057 people.

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